English Keys Notes: 10th Class Chapter 01

Question / Answers

Question 01. What is meant by Simplicity and humility?

Answer: Simplicity means living a simple life and humility means being humble, kind and affectionate for the people. When someone lives a life with only basic facilities, we can say he is living a simple life. Similarly, when someone is very kind and respectful for others without being prideful, he is following humility. 

Question 02. Describe in few lines the life style of Hazrat Muhammad SAW in the light of the lesson.


Prophet Muhammad SAW lived a very simple and modest life. He always respected others and never demanded for a special place for him. He would sit wherever the place was available. He respected his followers and never felt bad about anything. He is a true example of simplicity and humility. 

Question 03. How can the culture of simplicity and humility do away with the culture of extravagance and waste?

Answer: If we live a simple and modest life, we will not be spending so much money on extra and unnecessary things. We can use this money to help others and create a balance of economy in the society. By this, we can end the culture of extravagance and waste. 

Question 04. Read the last paragraph of the lesson with comprehension and write down the main idea and supporting details of the paragraph.


The main idea:

Benefits of following the Sunnah of Prophet SAW

Supporting Ideas:

  1. Prophet SAW was endowed with impeccable qualities
  2. We should learn from the simple life of Prophet SAW
  3. We can end the culture of waste by following the footsteps of Prophet SAW

Question 05. How did Hazrat Muhammad SAW treat his foster sister?

Answer: Prophet Muhammad SAW treated his foster sister very kindly. When she came, Prophet SAW stood up, received her with dignity and great respect and spread his own sheet and requested her to sit down. This shows the generosity and kindness of Prophet SAW.


  1.  Write a unified paragraph on the topic, ‘pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real’.

Answer: We are human beings and Allah has created us from clay. Our creation from clay symbolizes that we ultimately have to die and become the part of soil again. We should live a simple and contented life. Simplicity creates ease and peace. By living a simple life, we can get rid of many psychological diseases like hyper tension, panic attack, stress, anxiety and restlessness. Pride is very dangerous for the society. It creates clash between people and people start hating each other on the basic of money. Pride is artificial because money is not permanent, simplicity is real because a simple man always lives a peaceful and happy life. 

  1.  Write a brief summary of the lesson

Answer: This lesson tells us about the simplicity and humility of Prophet Muhammad SAW. From his life style to diet and dealings, Prophet SAW lived a simple and humble life. He treated everyone with kindness. He declared simplicity as part of faith. He always respected others, helped his family in daily tasks, and even participated in battle activities along with his followers. He discouraged pride and boastful behavior and always encouraged his followers to live a simple and contented life. By following the golden principles of the life of Prophet SAW, we can eradicate the evils of pride, waste, and ostentation. We can only succeed in life if we follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW.  

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