English Keys Notes: 10th Class- Chapter 02

Question 01. What is the significance of the title “The Champions”?

Answer: This lesson signifies that games are not always won in the ring. There are others way to become a champion as well. Ahmed and Gul faced each other in the ring and according to the rules, one had to qualify but they played well and before the referee declared the winner, they left the place and became champions 

Question 02. What was the dream of Ahmed Ali and Gul Sher?

Answer: Both had the dream of someday becoming a lightweight boxing champion of the world. 

Question 03. Why was the fight so important for both Ali and Gul Sher?

Answer: The fight was so important for both of them because the winner of the final was to represent the country in the World Lightweight Boxing Championship. 

Question 04. How did the two friends fight? Describe in your own words in five sentences.

Answer: Both friends fought well. They did not show any courtesy or favor for each other. They were true sportsmen and played the game as it was required. They played till the final round and both kept standing till the last second. It was an excellent show of sportsmanship. 

Question 05. Compare and contrast characters of Ali and Gul.

Answer: Gul Sher was fair, lean, and lanky. Ahmad Ali was Sheedi, dark, and husky. Gul Sher’s hair was always falling over his eyes, while Ahmad Ali wore his black hair in a natural afro style. They were both equal fighters and had won many medals and awards. Gul’s lean form and long reach made him the better boxer, while Ali’s short and muscular frame made him the better slugger. Both were students of 10th class, and were studying in a poor village in the neighborhood of Lyari, a town in Karachi. 

Question 06. Is there any conflict in the story? If yes, describe in detail.

Answer: The story begins with a simple plot but when we come to know about the final round of elimination fights where Gul Sher and Ahmad Ali will be fighting each other, a conflict arises in the story. The reader feels that this fight may bring clash in their friendship. When the fight begins, the reader predicts that the fight is going to end in a terrific manner but the conflict is resolved when both friends leave the ring hugging each other after a wonderful fight. 

Question 07. What was the effect of the fight on the relationship of two friends?

Answer: Initially, they were worried that this fight may affect their relationship but during the fights, thy presented an excellent show and without being winner or loser, they left the ring before referee’s decision and became champions. Their friendship was not affected by the fight. 

Question 08. Keeping in view the relationship of friends, it is easier or harder for them to fight each other? Support your answer by giving reference from the text.

Answer: They were close friends, village-fellow and class fellow. They had practiced together. It was very difficult for them to face each other in the ring. That is why they were worried before the day of fight. 

Question 09. Are you satisfied with the ending? Support your response with cogent arguments. 

Answer: I am satisfied with the ending. The ending gives us a moral lesson that winning is not always important. Sometimes protecting relationship is more important than glory and success. They both were excellent players and both wanted to become a champion. So they fought well and instead of winning or losing, they left the ring and became champions. 


  1.  Having read the story, one feels that boxing is too brutal to be a sport for young people. Do you agree? Which side of this debate is presented in “The Champions”? Using details and examples from the story, write a paragraph with a clear opening statement, specific details and examples to explain your response.

Answer: I think boxing a not brutal at all, it is rather a test of physical strength, courage, stamina and durability. If we talk about the brutality of physical threat, then it is present in every sport. A footballer can break his leg, a hockey player can get injured, and even a cricketer can have injury during the game. Although boxing can be dangerous but since the rules are defined and game is played in the presence of referee and committee, it is not brutal at all. Secondly, not everyone can play boxing. Physical and mental fitness criteria is tough and only a physically fit person can play this game. So basically Boxing is not brutal, it is a way to cope with the thrilling nature in a very sporty way. 

  1. Imagine Ali and Gul Sher as they walk away from the boxing ring after the fight. Now keeping in mind the friendship, write their conversation as a one-page paragraph.

Answer: Ali and Gul Sher are walking away from the boxing ring and following conversation happens between them.

Ali: Are you OK Gul?

Gul: Yes bro I am fine, what about you? I hope you don’t have any major injury.

Ali: No bro I don’t have any major injury but my I cannot see properly. It is because you punched me well around the eyes.

Gul: Hahaha. And you responded well too. My right jaw seems dislocated but Thanks God, it is not broken.

Ali: How are you feeling now? You could have defeated me and became a winner.

Gul: You also could have done that and by now, you could have been collecting the praise of audience.

Ali: You are right. We both are excellent boxers. But most importantly, we are close friends. None of us can afford to enter World Championship by crushing the same dream of close friend. 

Dreams are important but friendship is priceless.

Gul: Yes Ali you are right. I am very happy that our friendship is intact and we did not break the friendly bond for the sake of fame and glory.

Ali: I wish that our friendship grow stronger. 

Gul: Ameen. Now we should go and visit the doctors and then take some rest.

Ali: Yes, you are right. See you very soon. Allah Hafiz

Gul: Take care. Allah Hafiz